Please Forgive Us

Dear Sisters of the Earth, 

Please forgive our country and each of us for the evil it has brought to you and your beloved children, if you possibly can. There must be no grief like that of losing a child.  I have not experienced it, but it has often haunted my worst nightmares. We can never bring back your lost children. We can never make your lives whole again. 

We can only work and pray for peace throughout the world. We can pray that no mother ever lose a child again.  Many of us tried to prevent that war & stop it throughout, but I guess we didn’t try hard enough, or there weren’t enough of us willing to try.   Our democracy is not working very well since the forces of greed & power have become so strong in our country.  I pray for your peace, joy, love, protection, guidance and healing.  Please pray for us.


Dear Iraqi Mother: I am so sorry for the war my country has waged against your land and people. It is heartbreaking. As a mother I can only begin to imagine the deep sense of loss and grief and outrage you must feel. Please know there are so many women and men in the United States who absolutely disagree with what actions our government has taken against your people.  Sending much love and light,  and hope for peace in the world and in our lives.

World Wide Sorrow

Happy Mother’s Day,

I want to share my sorrow with you for the travesty forced upon you by my country.  There are many of us who know that our government was in the wrong; that we as a country wronged you, are still wronging you.  

I know it won’t help or make it go away, but our government is perpetuating these lies not only against you, but against us, the citizens of the US, as well.  In my heart, in my soul, we are all in this together, fighting against greed, tyranny, and evil.  I fight every day to bring all of this tragedy to an end.  I teach my daughters that their country has strayed from the path of freedom and that not only are we losing our freedoms here, but our country is taking other peoples’ freedoms away as well.  

I love what my country is supposed to be.  I love the land of my country.  I do not love what the government of my country has become.  More and more American citizens are realizing every day that our government does not have our best interests at heart and that that same government has no hesitation from taking freedom, health, happiness, or life from anyone if it will benefit the government’s goals; goals which really belong to the wealthy of this country and Israel.  Neither government represents the will of the American people; many more of us are on your side than you may be able to believe and more people are waking up daily.

It is up to us, all of us, to make a stand against the evils in this world.  I will never forget the wrongs done to you in my name, our names, but I will also never stop fighting to end those wrongs either.  With all my love and sincerity, I wish you a wonderful Mother’s Day and want you to know how sorry I am for any suffering you have endured.  


Hello Iraqi mothers,

I’m terribly ashamed of the destruction and abuse my country has wrought on your people, land, water, agriculture and wildlife.  I am sorry for all your many loses.  There should be at least generous reparations to the Iraqi people—should be done not via your federal government but administered straight to the people.

Since my father was from Iraq I followed everything Iraq/USA since the first Gulf War. What our country did to your country was criminal. You have my love and support 100%. Jane Bowman, Jacksonville, FL.

Dear Sisters of Iraq, dear Mothers of Iraq

Before the first war of 1991, we recognized why our government should never have contemplated destruction of your country. Long before the second war, we were protesting in huge numbers in the streets. We (my small group of women) are artists, many of us from our lives making theater. We called ourselves THE MOURNING MOTHERS. We made 7 puppets 9 feet tall, sculpting their heads, clothing their bodies in the chador, carrying their murdered chldren in their arms.  We participated with our puppets in demonstration after demonstration calling silent and terrible witness to protest  our own government’s criminal activities. We followed the stories of children who saw their parents murdered before their scandalized and terrified eyes. We followed the young girls whose bodies were raped and later destroyed by fire to hide the evidence. We have bathed our own hearts in the blood of your people, we have shed tears from the same well of grief. 

My dream of paradise would be to see ALL of humanity rise up with one great cry against the harms that are being done to us by our governments the world over. What a tragic thing to have seen my dream come true: massed on the hill of one of our cities (San Francisco’s) largest parks, 150,000 people of good conscience protesting before the outbreak of these wars of atrocity.

Dear Sisters, 

Please forgive our country for the evil it has brought to you and your beloved children. There is no grief like that of losing a child, as I unfortunately know. We can never bring back your lost children. We can never make your lives whole again.

We can only work and pray for peace throughout the world. We can pray that no mother ever lose a child again.

I know that no words can adequately express how I feel about what the US military and government has done to you and the rest of the people of Iraq and Afghanistan and so many other countries. My grandfather’s people, one of the original peoples of this continent, also paid a high price for ‘being in the way’ of the war machine that is so much more determined, sophisticated and deadly.

With many of the other people who have sent messages to you, I also marched in the streets of San Francisco with hundreds of thousands of others in a futile attempt to stop the massacres before they happened. 

I cannot know the pain and agony that you have personally experienced. But, I carry the sorrow and regret that, even when the entire world protested and cried out to stop the genocide before it began, the power, greed and evil that perpetrated this horror was, and is, determined to defy their own humanity.

My heart and soul go out to you today and every day. I hope you can find peace in your lives and know that you are not alone.

Dear Mothers of Iraq,

Over a decade ago, I prayed every day that the U.S. would not wage war on your country.  My prayers were not granted and you have suffered the consequences.

All I can offer you is my heartfelt sorrow for all you have lost.  I still pray for you but now I pray that somehow your hearts will be healed and your country will be made whole.

to mothers of Iraq

Dear mothers of Iraq, First I want to apologize for the actions of the US government under the Bush administration and I want you to know that many of us totally were against the invasion and against Bush. While some people were fooled by their rhetoric and manipulations many of us were not.         I am so deeply sorry for what you and your children have been through. I am so sorry for all the horror death and destruction. It was so wrong and another evil action perpetrated by the evil ones who got into power backed by greed and corruption. My heart goes out to you and all your innocent children and breaks at the suffering and death caused to you by these horrible people who were in power. 

To the Mothers, Grandmothers, Aunts… of Iraq

Today I send blessings of love and peace in the hopes that someday no Mother anywhere will ever have to suffer either the losses or the fears that war and occupation bring. I will continue to work politically and socially as a Grandmother to create a better world and change the laws and misconceptions that our governments create to destroy and mislead the people. Please know that always I am by your side in spirit and holding light for your suffering and your healing and praying that we will someday exist as one family to nurture each other.

Dear Iraqi mothers,
Thank you for keeping your hearts and your children alive as much as possible. I am sorry we were unable to stop the war.
How can we bear the sorrow of all the wrongs done to our children?
Our ferocious mother love will rise from the flames of matricide and be reborn. We will grow stronger and encourage each other.

the saddest thing of all is that most americans do not realize their own government is a predatory fascist regime that knows no boundaries.  human life has no meaning for the corporate syndicate except exploitation.  the u.s. has the blood of millions on its filthy hands.  the law of karma is irrefutable. 

I have often wondered about what we have done to you, and your letters are almost unbearable.  But necessary to read.  Can you ever forgive us for a war we DIDN’T  want?   Love and prayers to you all, Nancy

war is NOT the answer.  unfortunately, the u.s. fascist regime believes that war is the ONLY answer.  the american people seem to be unable to empathize with the rest of the world who has suffered the atrocities and war crimes perpetrated by their own government.  i am truly sorry for the continual suffering and horror brought upon the iraqi people by a criminal government that i do not support.  thank you for your courage in speaking out against u.s. brutality and inhumanity.  if only americans would unite and do the same!